Outdoor Advertising


Is an advertising mechanism which bases its solid foundation on promotional techniques such as billboards and advertising signs, but that knows how to renew itself and keep up with the times, taking advantage of the new potential o ered by the latest technologies. Outdoor Advertising encompasses all forms of usable advertising walking down the street or waiting for the bus and the train, it is particularly e cient because it reaches the public even when it is not using the medium of promotional communication knowingly, attracting the attention of the potential customer.

e classic format of Outdoor Advertising is that of billboards, that is all the billboards, posters and posters, still remain the main category of outdoor adver- tising. For the best results of impact and e ciency, outdoor advertising cam- paigns are coordinated by Upgrade, an agency specializing in the management of local areas where organizing and distributing the advertising campaign, will eval- uate the best solutions and proposals for the interests of the company, and yes will carry on carrying out the advertising campaign from logistics planning to installation in advertising spaces.